Assista: The Strokes ao vivo no ACL Festival 2015

Uma alma caridosa fez upload do set completo dos Strokes, ontem, no ACL Festival, em Austin. Assista a seguir (até quando o YouTube permitir).


00:00 Intro
00:54 Is

This It
03:22 Barely Legal
07:17 Welcome To Japan
12:30 You Talk Way Too Much
15:39 Someday
19:07 Heart in a Cage
22:21 Hard to Explain
26:46 Killing Lies
30:51 Last Nite
35:46 Reptilia
39:47 Machu Picchu
43:43 You’re So Right
46:37 The Modern Age
50:19 Automatic Stop
54:19 New York City Cops
58:07 What Ever Happened
01:05:43 You Only Live Once
01:09:36 Take it or Leave it


Créditos: Tim Griffin